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Another Calgary Stampede and another press stunt from the Vancouver Humane Society


Every damn year.

“We think we have right on our side,” says Peter Fricker of the Vancouver  Humane Society.  “We think it’s self-evident that if you chase an  animal across an arena, rope it to a sudden halt at very high speeds, pick it  up, and throw it to the ground it will cause fear, stress and pain. We think  that’s completely immoral and inappropriate for the 21st century.”

I think this Fricker (I can think of a better name close to that) thinks too much.  You know what, if you don’t like it, don’t go.  Plain and simple.  Don’t come out to the press and try to tell people calves are like human babies, come on.  Don’t plant yourselves outside the stampede gates with signs and tell people they’re horrible for supporting the stampede because of what it believes is ok.  They’re roping them, something that’s been done for hundreds of years to work with cattle.  Yes, it’s the 21st century and guess what Fricker it’s going to be done long into the 22nd, 23rd and 24th.  So get over it and move on because it ain’t going anywhere.  You don’t like seeing it, don’t watch.

We need to start ad campaigns promoting people to not donate money to the Vancouver Humane Society because they waste money on stupid shit like this instead of spending it on the animals in need.  Dog food, cat food, no, let’s spend money on an ad campaign bashing an event in another province.  Sad.  Just plain sad.

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Calgary’s cowtown image ain’t so cow or town anymore

Calgary, aka Cowtown.  Sure maybe years ago that was the case but that title should be taken away now.  Google search of cowtown gives me Calgary’s Wikipedia page as second result.  I know other cities around lay claim to that title like Fort Worth, Texas and others.  But in Canada cowtown lies solely to Calgary.  Anyway where was I.  Right, cowtown.  The other day I was reading a good article about how the cattle industry shaped Calgary’s formation.  I like old history books and articles on stockyards and packing plants.  This one explained the old stockyards location forming the eastside of Calgary over the years it was in operation.  The slaughter houses all contributing to Calgary’s growth.  The formation of the Calgary Stampede.  Calgary was once cowtown.  But look at it now.  The stockyards were swallowed up by city growth and pretty much forced to relocate out of the city.  They’ve been replaced with warehouses and special shops.  The packing plants slowly closed one by one, till the last one closed up shop just last year.  Not much was written, just that it closed and honestly with it, Calgary’s last remaining link to cowtown.  What’s left?  The Stampede?  Thousands of city dwellers going out to get mini donuts and watch salesmen try to sell non-stick pans while their kids ride the midway rides?  Sure there’s still the rodeo and chuckwagon’s but it all seems so much like a show put on for Calgary now.  A reason for the city to dress up in jeans and rolled up side cowboy hats that sit in their closets 11 months out of the year.  To go watch rodeo and have no clue what’s going on.

At least places like Fort Worth keep its history.  The stockyards district in Fort Worth.  The honoring of its past by saving it.  That’s cowtown.  What does Calgary do, pave it over and then fakely dress the city up every July.  Or in the case of its packing plant, turn it into a farmers market/theater with hardly any mention of its history.  Let me quote its website,

This unique building from the 1920s is nestled in the heart of the city near trendy Inglewood. Many weekend visitors say “It’s an important part of their community and essential to Calgary,” which is evident when you see hundreds of families and friends visiting their favourite cheese shop, local baker, butcher or leather shop.

Unique building.  Try, the historic Canada packers slaughter-house.  But no, just a unique building in Calgary.  A true cowtown would honour that and memorialize it.  And surround that area, where the stockyards once stretched, nothing but industrial area.  Wiped clean of anything related to cattle.  No plaque, no designation, nothing.  I’m sure in the not to distant future the now closed XL packers, the last remaining will be torn down and replaced with warehouses or a strip mall of some sort.

Calgary, with it’s “white hatting” ceremonies and its simple cowboy hat logo on its welcome signs that say “Heart of the new west”.  Maybe they should stop and think about the old west for a bit.  The old west that they’re destroying through being the centre of oil and gas development.  The expansion of the city lifestyle out into ranching country, breaking up large ranches into small acreages.  Cowtown?  Hardly.

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