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The “Cowboy” Truck

Been a while but after reading the following article, I couldn’t resist.

First Ford, then Chrysler and now it appears General Motors according to this article,


Western themed trucks I guess is what they’d be called. Saddle leather seats, western inlay and such to make people feel western I guess. But they’re considered luxury trucks. High end packages added to trucks for exorbitant amounts of money. Chevy even boosts it “will be the top model in the Silverado lineup”. In the article it says the Ford King Ranch can cost almost twice as much as a base Ford F-150. That’s outrageous! Who’d spend twice as much for a truck that had some pretty brands on it and saddle leather seats? Really? What happened to the days trucks were for work not status symbols? When they were actually used for what they were designed for. I see these kids today (oh god, I sound like my father), driving around in them all jacked up, big tires, loud muffler’s, etc. Rarely does any of them have so much as a scratch in the box. Just mud from unloading their motor bikes, 4 wheelers or other toys. Oh maybe one or two scratches from taking out their fifth wheel to haul their toys around. Anyway I’m getting off track. Right, “cowboy” trucks.

And how does the term “cowboy” truck equate to luxury truck? Mine sure ain’t. How about they make a true “cowboy” truck with pre-made fake stains on the seats from newborn calves being heaved onto them. Pre kicked in front fenders as if a cow has kicked it. Flat beds with bale handlers would come standard of course. Headache racks for lariat’s, sticks, prods, chains, etc. That’d be a true “cowboy” themed truck. But sadly only the real cowboys would go into town to drool over those new trucks sitting on the lots. No…., they have to make luxury trucks for the city folks out there who need to feel like they’re somehow one of us by driving the fanciest truck on the market. God bless em’

Sorry, Chevy, Ford & Dodge. But, I’ll be taking the base model thank you very much because to me, that’s the true “cowboy’s” truck!

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